Twin Cities Gaelic Football Club By-Laws

Adopted: November 7, 2009, Burnsville, Minnesota

Last Amended: November 13th, 2013, Minneapolis, Minnesota


I. Club Name: "Twin Cities Gaelic Football Club"


II. Club Purpose: being strengthened by the unity of its diverse members, the club seeks to promote the sport of Gaelic Football in the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, for the enjoyment, social development and physical health if its members.


III. Club Membership, Duties and Dues

            A. Initial club membership is open to men and women ages 18 and older (or younger with signed parental or guardian consent), and who sign liability waiver forms.  Initial club membership is limited to three attendances (whether practice, game or exhibition match), after which dues must be paid to remain as a member in good standing.

            B. A member in good standing, in addition to the initial club membership requirements, requires full payment of dues for the current year, and is therefore eligible to vote at general meetings.

                1. A member may be expelled from the club by the board as a result of a disciplinary matter at any time, without notice and without refund of dues.

    C. All members are requested to make a concerted effort to attend all practices, games and local exhibition matches.

    D. All members implicitly acknowledge that Cumann Luchleas Gael - GAA in Ireland, and the North American County Board, have jurisdiction over the rules of the game, and agree that the match referee's decision is final.

    D. Dues to be paid by voting members each year is to be decided at the prior year's AGM. set by the board for the new fiscal year at its first meeting after the AGM. [Amended Nov. 6, 2010]

                1. Exceptions: Subject to board approval, a member may request to pay annual dues in 10 equal installments per attendance (practice/game/exhibition match) until the dues have been paid in full.


IV. General Meetings and Eligibility to Vote

            A. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held the first Saturday of November each year shall be held in the first two weeks of November each year.[Amended November 13th 2013]

            B. All general meetings shall be run according to Robert's Rules of Order.

            C. An extraordinary general meeting can be requested of the board in writing by a quorum.

                1. In such cases the board has up to 3 weeks to schedule such a meeting and arrange for a venue.

            D. Quorum: 20% of current year voting members.

            E. Only those who have met the requirements of "membership in good standing" may vote at general meetings.

                1. Membership in good standing is attained by

                            a) having previously paid current year's dues -or- paying current year's dues at the time of the general meeting before the meeting is called to order

                            b) not having been expelled from the club by the board


V. The Board

    A. Board positions and job responsibilities

               1. Chair - The Chair or his/her designee calls and chairs the AGM, calls board meetings and extraordinary meetings, makes sure that appropriate committees are formed, represents the club to other organizations, is responsible for club operations (e.g. practice fields, match locations, exhibition matches, attendance at other events, scheduling of practices, fundraisers, procurement of all-club uniforms), and delegates these duties as appropriate, reports annually to the AGM.

                2. Vice Chair - Supports the chair in all the chair's responsibilities, temporarily assumes role of the chair when the chair is unable to fulfill his role, or until the Chair has been replaced, reports annually to the AGM.

                3. Secretary - acts as recording secretary for all general meetings, is responsible for communications within the club, is the first point of escalation for grievances addressed to the board, maintains club roster, new memberships and waiver forms, acts as or delegates the role of public relations officer, reports annually to the AGM.

               4. Registrar - official club contact for NAGAA, is responsible for all tasks related to NAGAA and Central Board registration of the club and players, reports annually to the AGM.

                5. Treasurer - is responsible for all financial aspects of the club, making sure that taxes, fees and bills are paid, keeps the financial books and accounts in order, reports annually to AGM.

                6. Member at Large - is responsible to ensure membership priorities are upheld. Reports Anually to the AGM. [Amended November 5th, 2011][Amended November 13th 2013]

                7. Public Relations Officer - Interact with the community at large with respect to the clubs fund raising and promotional needs. Reports annually to the AGM. [Amended November 3rd, 2012][Amended November 13th 2013]


    B. Board Meetings

                1. The Chair or his/her designee shall call a board meeting at least once a month from March through October.

                2. The Chair or his/her designee shall make arrangements for the location of the board meeting.


    C. Board Vacancies

                        1. In the case that the Chair position becomes vacant, a replacement shall be appointed by the board for the remainder of the current term.

                        2. In the case of vacancy of a position other than that of the Chair, the Chair shall appoint a member to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the current term.


VI. Discipline:

    A. All disciplinary matters shall be handled by the board on in individual basis.

    B. The board's decision on disciplinary matters is final, and may include the expulsion of the disciplined member.

    C. Members expelled by the board are not entitled to any refund of dues paid.


VII. Amendments to By-laws

    A. Amendments to the club By-laws, including amount of dues, may only be made by majority vote at a duly constituted annual or extraordinary general meeting.


VIII. Head Coach [Added Nov. 6, 2010]

    A. The Head Coach has the authority to appoint assistant coaches and will communicate the names of the appointees to the Club.


IX. Fiscal Year [Added Nov. 6, 2010]

    A. The Twin Cities Gaelic Football Club fiscal year shall be January through December.


X. Conflict of Interest Policy [Added Nov. 15, 2010]

    A. The Twin Cities Gaelic Football Club Conflict of Interest Policy is as follows:


"Conflict of interest arises whenever the personal or professional interest of a Board Member is potentially at odds with the best interests of Twin Cities Gaelic Football Club (TCGFC). Although the legal standards for avoiding conflict of interest for nonprofit organizations are fairly limited, TCGFC will avoid where possible even the appearance of impropriety.


"Individuals and businesses qualified to provide goods and services in the TCGFC area are limited, and it is possible situations may apply where the club may require goods or services supplied by a Board Member.


"Because these situations involve potential conflict of interest, the following procedures apply:

"If an issue is to be decided by the Board that involves potential conflict of interest for a Board Member, it is the responsibility of the Board Member to:

1. Identify the potential conflict of interest.

2. Not participate in discussion of the program or motion being considered.

3. Not vote on the issue.


"It is the responsibility of the Board to:

1. Only decide to hire or contract with the Board member if they are the best qualified individuals available, and willing to provide the goods or services needed at the best price.

2. Record in the minutes of the Board Meeting the potential conflict of interest, and the use of the procedures and criteria of this policy.


"Although it is not a conflict of interest to reimburse Board Members for expenses incurred (such as the purchase of supplies), Board Members are prohibited by law from being paid for serving on the Board. Generally, Board Members will not receive pass-through dollars for individual projects."


Ní neart go cur le chéile! There is no strength without unity!


Adopted: November 7, 2009, Burnsville, Minnesota

Last Amended: November 13th, 2013, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Amended: November 6, 2010, St. Paul, Minnesota

Amended: November 15, 2010, Bloomington, Minnesota

Amended: November 5th, 2011, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Amended: November 3rd, 2012, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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