TCGFC wins the 2012 Kansas City Classic

The Twin Cities Gaelic Football team, The Lakelanders, came home with the Midwest Gaelic Classic Championship! The tournament was, as always, well run and very enjoyable. Six full teams participated this year, making it the largest Gaelic football tournament to date.

The Lakelanders won on the back of a stout defense and a consistent, pressuring offensive attack. We started in the grass-field group with 'Kansas City B' and Little Rock. Twin Cities beat both handily, only giving up 1 (flukey) goal against Little Rock and only a couple points entirely to KC B team. The 2-0 start got us a Bye in the tournament and the #1 overall seed. Our next match was against St Louis, which again featured solid defense and impressive goal-tending by Kyle. St Louis put up a good fight, but solid mid-play won the day as TCGFC entered the Finals for the first time in club history.

The Finals featured tournament favorite 'Kansas City A' team versus relative underdog Twin Cities GFC. Twin Cities came out to an early lead, coming out to a 5 point lead in the first half. Defense, as it had all day, lead the way as the Lakelanders controlled the tempo of the game. The 2nd half ended up more rocky as Kansas City came out fiercely and cut the lead to as low as 2 before Twin Cities was able to hold on to the win, leading by 3 points.

Most impressively, we won as a group, as every one of our 19 players got field time, and everyone got to play as much as they had wanted. No single player stood out and everyone contributed to this success. Truly a team effort, and one that came out of great coaching, great practices, and everyone's hard work.

More news and celebrations can be found on our facebook page, and rumors of a victory party are in the works for those of you who couldn't make it down to Kansas City.  Stay tuned.