Metro League begins Sunday, June 3rd!

We will be kicking off the season by having a double header; 4 teams, 2 games, back-to-back. The games will take place June 3rd, the first game at 1p.m. with the second to follow.

We have talked to many of you at practice about playing in the metro league but there are still people out there whom we have not contacted. If you want to play in the metro league regardless of whether or not you come to practice, please let us know! We are compiling the list of confirmed players into teams, so if you want to be assigned to a team please contact Alec Sawyer at so that we can make sure you are in the league. We do know that this is short notice and we apologize, but we want to bring back the metro league strong and we need everyone's help to do it! If you are not able to make it on June 3rd but still want to play on a team let us know as well.

To Be on a Metro Team Please Contact Alec by June 1st!!
Date: June 3, 2012
Time: First game at 1p.m. with the second to follow. Please show up at 12:30 to help set up and for warm ups.
Place: Arlington/Arkwright: 1340 Arkwright St, Saint Paul, MN 55130