TCGFC Club Dues


To cover equipment, field rent, travel expenses, etc we do collect dues from our membership. These will not be required until May, and as always we offer everyone 3 free practices or events to anyone (members or interested parties) before we require payment. If you have outstanding circumstances that prevent you from paying but still want to be part of the club please reach out to Kelly and we will work something out.

Full TCGFC Member: $125. This will mean you can attend practices and games from May-September, attend the AGM in November, get some TCGFC swag, and be eligible for travel reimbursement (per fund availability). Last year we paid for gas for people car-pooling to Kansas city, which was about $30 per person, as well as a large stipend for nationals. This costs less than a gym membership!

Student: Full Membership $75 If you're a student, you can get the full membership (reimbursement, field fees) for $75.

Hurling + Gaelic Football Full membership: $250 With this membership you get to participate with Gaelic Football and the Twin Cities Robert Emmets Hurling Club. What a deal!

Under 18: Free. Under 18 can play for free. No free stuff though.

Nationals: The cost for participating in Nationals this year is $20. You may pay this with your dues or at a later time.

You can pay your dues anytime. Get cash or check to a board member, or paypal us at (use gift option to avoid paypal fees).

TCGFC 2017 Dues